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The Various Immigration Issues That Exists Globally

The challenges of migration exist globally in every state. It can be explained as the movement of citizens from their origin country to a different state. There are several cases that can make people vacate their country of origin to an alien nation. The movements may be due to war or avoiding trial and anticipation of an attack and many others. But others may move from their country willingly to an alien nation in search of an improved way of living. There are unprecedented challenges as a result of immigration despite being the only choice at some point. Immigration can be seen as an act of courage when looking it from a different perspective. Immigration can both be advantageous and disadvantageous to the host country and the origin country. In several occasions, the level of development and is industrialization is high. For this reason, they receive the high number of immigrants.

They benefit in many ways such from these immigrants in various ways as illustrated below. Immigrants can work in sectors where the country’s citizen cannot work. The resultant of this is high revenues. Also, the immigrant works for more extended hours and their salaries might not be not as high as the citizen would demand which is a benefit to the host country also.

If welcomed and allowed to feel at home, immigrants bring various cultural practices that promote peace and integration.These will create greater bonds between the two countries which are involved.Immigrants from a country with better education base can bring great talents which if natured will improve the host country’s economy.

However, there are also adverse effects of this immigration especially to the host country.An uncontrolled immigration can bring in a lot of challenges to a country.

There may be a high level of insecurity brought about by the incoming of people from a different country and culture. This may be as a result of having a high number of people not working and emerging crime.

If not appropriately managed, diseases may be spread by immigrants. Thus, this call for people to be regularly checked for diseases and verified to avoid further spreading. Hence, a need to have diseases scanning points where people can be checked.

Immigration affects the demography of both countries where one increases and the other one reduces. This can jeopardize economies of both countries in different ways.Also population increase can lead to an emergence of refugee camps that may bring negative environmental effects.

Immigration can also cause brain drain. Moving to foreign countries can drain talents in one and result be a bad economic environment.

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